“The past is a dead memory wrapped in a shroud of darkness. The future is bleak and uncertain, for we have lost the beauty that once was.” - Mythras the Seeker.

The Sundering saw the world of Khalkis torn apart and plunged into darkness and despair. Millions died. Empires fell. Folk abandoned their kin to bleak fates. The great portals were sealed forever, and the shining light of civilisation was extinguished.

Just when the survivors believed that all was lost the Pentarchs arrived.

Legends say they came from a mythical land at the very edge of the world – a handful of survivors from an ancient and advanced civilisation. Others claimed they hailed from another plane of existence. Wherever they came from, they arrived upon the shores of every remnant, appearing as mentors, builders, teachers and wise men. They taught the survivors how to live again; taught them how to drive back the pervading evil; how to build civilisation anew, but it was all for their own selfish ends, and when the mortal races succumbed to their rule, the Pentarchs revealed their true nature – absolute tyranny.

Welcome to Khalkis!

Eternal Sky is a dedicated 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting that embraces all of the material produced by Wizards of the Coast as presented in their Core Rulebooks, supplements and articles in Dungeon and Dragon magazines. All of the races and classes, without restriction, can be found throughout Khalkis, and there is certainly room for any future additions to the game in these areas.

At the same time, Khalkis presents players and Dungeon Masters with its own unique setting that can be developed in tandem with any canonical material produced by WotC, or which can be developed to the Dungeon Master’s taste as he sees fit.

A multitude of ideas are presented within these pages that will hopefully inspire players of the Dungeons and Dragons game, and lead to many years of exciting roleplay.

Adventures abound. Heroes needed. All welcome.

Eternal Sky